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Step up to a safer can with the Garage Boss® Press 'N Pour® portable fuel container.  The Jerry Can meets and exceeds all safety regulations of ASTM, EPA and CARB.  The innovative Press 'N Pour® spout with fuel pump inspired ergonomic grip allows for precision flow control with a simple press of the button.  The Press 'N Pour® spout automatically shuts off and has a self venting spout design while being senior friendly and child safe.  


The Garage Boss® Press 'N Pour® Metal Jerry Gas Can is the perfect durable, all weather solution to keep your medium to large size gas powered equipment running year round. Whether it be your ride-on mower, ATV or motorized watercraft, the ergonomically friendly design makes fueling your equipment easy and clean.


The Jerry Can includes one transport cap and one of our innovative Press 'N Pour® spouts.

Press 'N Pour® Metal 5 Gallon Jerry Gas Can

SKU: 060534100409

    Always vent your fuel can before each use. The best way to vent the can is to unscrew the child safe cap and then re-tighten before pouring.


    Let the auto-shut off engage completely before tilting the can backwards.


    After filling your fuel container, be sure to treat your fuel with a fuel stabilizer . This protects your gas powered equipment from the harmful effects of ethanol.


    Never use gas to start or accelerate a fire. This may cause severe injury or death. Keep your fuel container away from any source of flame or ignition.

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